Living December 20, 2023

5 Tips for a Tidy Home

Maintaining a tidy home not only helps it to look its best, but it also makes for a more peaceful and organized living environment. Regardless of the size of your home, these tips will help you achieve and maintain a consistently tidy and inviting living space that you, your household, and your guests will enjoy. With a few simple steps, you can go from cluttered to tidy in no time.

5 Tips for a Tidy Home

1. Start by Decluttering

The first step on your journey to tidiness is getting rid of clutter lying around your home. Go through each room and evaluate your belongings, asking yourself what is truly necessary among them. If something isn’t a keeper, consider donating, selling, or discarding it. Decluttering creates more spaces and will make cleaning up easier in the long run. Not sure where to start? Focus your initial decluttering efforts on the closets throughout your home and see how much space you can open up for belongings that are currently stored elsewhere.

2. Find Your Cleaning Routine

Making your home tidy is one thing; keeping your home tidy is another. The difference between the two is finding and establishing a cleaning routine that works for you, whether that means doing a few upkeep chores daily or hit “reset” by dedicating a chunk of time to it once a week. Whatever you choose, consistency is key. Include quick tasks like making the bed, wiping down kitchen counters, and doing a load of laundry. Having a routine in place will help you keep up the momentum that’s required to maintain a tidy home.


A man is cleaning his kitchen stovetop. He is wearing orange rubber gloves and scrubbing soap over the surface as he works to keep a tidy home.

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3. Prioritize Storage

Everything in your home has to go somewhere. To stay organized, store your items neatly in dedicated bins to maximize your storage efficiency. Keeping items accessible but stored out of sight will give you more room in the open areas of your home and help each room feel tidier. Use containers, shelves, and organizers to keep items like toys, books, and accessories neatly arranged. In the closet, you can maximize space by using hangers, bins, and dividers to keep your wardrobe and accessories in order.

4. Multi-Purpose Cleaning Products

Using multi-purpose cleaning products will simplify your cleaning process and get your home sparkling clean. Having a single cleaner to tackle tough stains and messes around the house can save you money too. Natural cleaning solutions that you can find in the aisles of your grocery store will streamline your cleaning efforts without spraying chemicals throughout the house. Things like lemons, salt, and vinegar will eliminate household odors and can even help to keep bugs and pests at bay. When shopping for cleaning products, look for organic solutions that won’t harm members of your household and your pets.

5. Areas of Focus

Turn your attention to high-traffic areas throughout the house such as the living room and the kitchen. Improvements in your home’s tidiness in these areas will go a long way in contributing to its overall cleanliness. Also, focus on cleaning your appliances. These machines are the workhorses behind a well-functioning home, so giving them some attention will help keep things tidy at home in the long run.