Uncategorized June 25, 2020

Learning What “Black Lives Matter” Means

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man – Emmanuel Acho episode 2; He had Matthew McConaughey as a guest – Great conversation; Matthew quoted a couple of lines from this poem written in 1935 on an over night train ride during the depression. I went and read the poem – amazing how this 95 year old Poem is as true today as it was when written. America is founded on a dream, a different dream for different people, a dream of living their life, being loved & respected for who they were, not being persecuted for their religion, skin color, or beliefs – America was formed as a dream and for anyone who had a dream – Let America be America Again – is about being dreamers, and coming to the Land of the Free.
It’s a great poem. Thank You Emmanuel Acho & Matthew McConaughey for having the conversation and introducing me to more of what it means by standing up for “Black Lives Matters”