Uncategorized November 18, 2018

Inaugural blog entry of my living the Windermere Way

I have been with  Windermere Real Estate Company almost 2 complete months now.  I have learned so much about myself, the Seattle North & Northeast Metro Market.  I have also gained new friends, a new understanding for advocacy for my new and seasoned clients.

My favorite learning has been the 32 hours of Ninja Sales Training.  It wasn’t (to me) a normal – Go Get’em – Sales training;  it was how can you (meaning me) be a better listener, more proactive, and more connected to the people around you.  I am Theresa first, Mom & Wife second, and Real Estate Broker all around.  I have always wanted to be that  person who knew who to connect who to, to make a difference.  I became that person in Beijing.  I loved helping  people live & learn how to get what they wanted by connecting them to people who were the experts.  I am working toward that with being in Real Estate with Windermere.

My goal as a Real Estate Broker is to be that person who questions on the what’s, and listens for the passions, pleasures, as well as pains.  I will assist to the fullest possibility to find that home that will make a difference, fill the passion, compliment the pleasure, and dwindle the  pain.  I will ask the questions to help my clients find what matters most in their new home, new community, new environment.

These questions and skills are life long endeavors, any type of sales from Deli Counters, to Waitressing, selling coffee for Starbucks, and selling myself as a caterer, private chef, and event planner.  I have done them all with compassion, understanding, asking the what’s, and being true to myself and my clients.  I needed the reminder that Real Estate is a intimidating business and nothing to be taken lightly; it IS still very personal and needs to be handled with the people’s hearts & minds as the focus.  The house will come when the client feels safe, trust, honesty, as well as, see the transparency in the actions.  This is my take on being a Windermere Real Estate Broker.


As the weeks, months, and years go on this Blog:  Live with an Adventurous Heart,  Laugh with your Inner Child,  Love Openly,  – I will add my life experiences, my family’s dealings, real estate information, and of course my heart & soul of my character.  This blog is going to share past experiences, weekly thoughts, and future aspirations & ideas.  Stick around or drop in occasionally – I will be here!  If you want to contact me please email me at TheresaAhdieh@windermere.com .  Looking forward to sharing my Life’s Adventures with you and yours!


Warmest Regards