Uncategorized December 5, 2018

8 Years Ago, My family and I were preparing to move to Beijing

As I continue my Real Estate journey blog; I want to share my blog  and adventures from my time in Beijing.  My family and I moved to Beijing February 28th, 2011.  Ty (my son) just turned 5, Monique (my daughter) was 12, turning 13 in May.  Here is my post from December 4th 2010.  We were getting ready for our family adventure.

Things are moving along, getting organized and sorted.  The most difficult part of this trip so far is …will I need this?  will I want this? can we replace this over there? How many pie plates do I take?  Do I take Bundt cake pans?  how many serving platters?  tea pots?

So, one thing is clear now anything with a motor in it for the kitchen must stay behind.  So my kitchen aide, cuisenart, electric roasting pan, braun handmixer etc all need to stay behind.  The power difference will burn out the motors.  I cant bare hurting my equipment that way…they do have feelings you know!  We are taking both of the kids’s loft beds and anything in their bedrooms they want.  We are buying each bed 2 new sets of sheets to go to Beijing with.  I love my sheets, and hate scratchy ones.

We have agreed to hire Windemere Realty Property Management out of Northgate to manage our house while we are away.  We are taking our round kitchen table and the 4 captain chairs.  We are for sure taking my king size pillow top mattress & box spring (not sure about our bedroom furniture) it could be tooo big.  Still wondering if I buy airtight plastic containers and ship my flour, sugar, baking supplies and spices.

Tobi and Marcel have found new homes and will hopefully be relocated this next week, to allow me to move more freely and pack, clean, and do many “goodwill” runs.  I do have some things I am selling…if you need something…email me and ask!

We are in holding pattern at this moment due to Q’s college diploma.  The diploma was never issued in 1999 when he walked across the stage and graduated.  We found this out last tuesday.  The diploma will now be issued on December 18th, 2010 (which will be his “official” graduation date).  We need his diploma to obtain work visas and traveling paperwork.  The diploma will be scanned and sent to the relocation people on the 22nd.  Then the clock starts ticking again!  What new hiccup will happen next week?  We will wait and see!