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What To Expect In The Housing Market This Spring With Theresa Ahdieh

Welcome Spring

We started this month with March coming in like a Lion and “supposedly” going out like a Lamb?

If this is a Lamb …… goodness – its a crazy teenage lamb!  Bahhhhh it is cold as I am writing this, and it was so warm at the beginning of the week (tee shirt & yoga pants weather) to a turtle neck, leather coat & gloves today!

I am excited for this weekend – I have a darling completely remodeled condo for sale in Birch Bay with open houses this weekend.  I have another great home coming on the market next week. In addition, we have a new construction at the end of April!  

Sunday, be on the look out for Tulip pictures – I am heading  up (for the first time) to the Tulip Fields! (along with all other tourists) So excited! 

What are your plans?  Please tag me in your Instagram posts – I want to see and get ideas from all of you, too!

  See you “tip-toeing” through the Tulip Fields!
Have a Great Weekend!

7 Economists and Real Estate Pros on What to Expect in the Housing Market this Spring
2022 saw higher home prices and higher mortgage rates that sidelined many buyers. So what’s in store for spring 2023?  Here are more predictions from pros. Gen Z is Coming for the Housing Market 

With technology and know-how that previous generations could have only dreamed of at their age, a growing number of Gen Zers are turning to real-estate investing as an escape from the traditional 9-to-5.

What’s Ahead for Home Prices in 2023

Over the past year, home prices have been a widely debated topic. Some have said we’ll see a massive drop in prices and that this could be a repeat of 2008 – which hasn’t happened.

Many speculate that when the Fed increases interest rates mortgage rates follow. Well the truth is, this is not the case. The Fed did increase interest rates by .25 however the Fed Funds Rate is not a mortgage rate. This increase by the Fed was anticipated and already factored into the mortgage rate market. Mortgage rates move in anticipation of the Fed’s next steps. After this week’s Fed meeting, Fed Chair Powell spoke about the impact of the recent bank drama on lending and how we can expect to some tightening. If banks start to reduce lending programs and make qualifications stricter, there is downward pressure on inflation. The market responded to these remarks and mortgage rates improved by roughly .25%.

Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal with these Tips
Curb appeal, the general attractiveness of a home’s visage, accounts for up to 7 percent of a house’s sales price, according to a 2020 report by The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. Luckily, making the most out of your home’s look is a relatively easy task.Soft Traditional Is the Biggest Decorating Style of the Year
Here’s Why

It has a foothold in traditional yet feels crisp and modern. Here’s why designers are so excited about soft transitional interiors.

7 Creative Stone Slab Ideas That Go Beyond Countertops

When it comes to making a statement, a unique stone slab is a timeless choice. Today’s designers and DIY’ers are going beyond the kitchen countertop to incorporate stone slabs into unexpected places. The results are stunning—and worth the wait for that perfect piece of stone.  

The Accidental Pastry Whiz at T55 Patisserie

Birch Bay Open House Saturday & Sunday March 25 & 26th from 2pm – 4pm Meet Michael Abernathy a new Whatcom County Resident from Ohio.  He is a Broker with Re/Max Whatcom County.  Come by see this awesome turn key Condo, visit Birch Bay, and go meet Michael!

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Our Annual Shredding and Recycling event is here!
Saturday April 8th
9am – 12noon
My Office – Windermere Northgate Parking Lot

This is free event for our clients and community. Come drop off your boxes of documents to be shredded or get rid of your old/unused electronics by recycling them safely & securely.

We’re honored to once again partner with Food Lifeline to collect donations!
For More Details & Items needed by Food Lifeline go to:

Long Cellars Tarot Card Readings thingy
3pm – 7pm
Friday April 7th (mark your calendars)

Thursday April 6th
@ 5:30

Spark Golf Opening Day!!!!
If you are not signed up…..
hurry up!

Spark Golf is a network of social golf leagues organized to be casual and fun. We make it easy for co-ed players of all skill levels to play golf. In 2022 more than 1,000 courses will host Spark Golf across North America. Find a league and play Spark Golf at a course near you!

We are an inclusive community of athletes who find strength, confidence, and connection by pursuing lifelong health and fitness together. We believe coming to the gym can help you learn the skills, build the strength, and develop the flexibility you need to live the rest of your life to the fullest.

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