Community Grateful For YOU With Theresa Ahdieh WOW!  What an amazing last week this has been. Today – February 16th is the 1st day of the rest of my life.  Today is the day that I truly understand that I am loved.  I have felt so much compassion, kindness, willingness to help with whatever I need that my heart and soul are […]
Community Celebrating February With Theresa Ahdieh February is National Heart Month, Chinese Luna New Year is on Saturday the 10th, Valentines Day is the 14th, Friendship Day is the 14th, President’s Weekend is 17, 18, & 19th.  This is also Leap Month!  We have an extra day this month!! Most of you know I belong and go to Greenlake Strength & […]
Community How To Help Yourself When Sick With Theresa Ahdieh View this email in your browser It’s Friday – What a WEEK!  The weather, Boeing and Alaska Airlines, US Politics – lots of craziness I say!  Real Estate – nothing earth shattering this week.  I have to say the headline in today’s Seattle Times is a “bit misleading” and also a “bit on reality”.  If […]
Community Happy New Year With Theresa Ahdieh Happy New Year! New Beginnings!  Have you chosen your word of the Year?  Mine is Congruency = The Harmony & Consistency in Business & Life. Bring on 2024 Bunch of fantastic events happening in the next couple of months. First:  Next Saturday January 13th from 2pm – 4pm I will be hosting an Economic Forecast […]
Community Happy Holidays With Theresa Ahdieh Happy Holidays! Welcome to the last Umbrella of 2023 – Its just a bit over a week away for the Jolly Old Guy to visit, along with all family & friends to share a feast, exchange a gift or two, clink glasses and laugh!  Lots of Laughter this season! With the way things are going […]
Community Holiday Season Is About To Begin With Theresa Ahdieh Its FRIDAY Before the Holiday Season Begins!  What are you doing this weekend?  Shopping for that Day of Food?  Preparing your pooch for the Westminster Dog Show?  Building a Float the the Macy’s Day Parade?  or getting your groove ready for the all day shopping of Black Friday?  Me?  Well – I am unpacking and going […]
Community Feeling Thankful In November With Theresa Ahdieh Welcome to November! So – you can see the end of October has been extremely busy with Change!  Change of weather, fall/winter wardrobe replaced my spring/summer.  No more white shoes or handbags!  (LOL)  What really happened is: I moved into Casa FiFi on Saturday October 28th (boxes – not unpacked) and Sunday October 29th (yes […]
Community Fall Is Here With Theresa Ahdieh Fall is here! With the warm weather last weekend, to the crazy rain interrupted by some sunshine in the late afternoon this week.  I start perusing for some Fall warm & easy meals. I have brought out my Instapot Pressure Cooker  w/Airfryer lid (my favorite kitchen tool).  I love making roasted chicken, pot roast, soups and risottos. I have been […]
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Community Welcome To The Final Quarter Of 2023 With Theresa Ahdieh Its FRIDAY & The end of September!  Let me be the first to welcome you to the Final Quarter of 2023! I want to first invite you to some fun events happening in the next 2 weeks: Tomorrow Saturday September 30th from 2pm – 6pm come join me for a beverage at Barks & Brew […]
Community September! Already? With Theresa Ahdieh View this email in your browser Hello!  Can you believe its already September?  Have you noticed all the changes coming around?  I was walking around Green Lake this week and it was getting dark (darker dusk) at 8pm.   Hold on – am I ready? not sure – but I am excited for Chinese Moon Festival, […]
Community AADU vs DADU With Theresa Ahdieh Its Friday!  Wow! – this cloud cover this morning feels AMAZING!  The heat blast was good, and I am not complaining, but this cooler temp is so nice.  NO I don’t want Winter & Rainy season yet – I can wait longer for sweaters and boots.  I am basking in the warm evenings, my lavender […]
Community Happy Seafair Weekend With Theresa Ahdieh Happy Friday!  It is Seafair Weekend!  This afternoon (3:30pm – 7pm) I will be at Long Cellars Winery in Woodinville reading Tarot Cards! Join me there & let me read your Tarot Cards for what this weekend could have instore for you! This is Free and tips are appreciated too. SeaFair symbolizes to me that it is […]
Community Listings…Listings And Events With Theresa Ahdieh Its Friday! I am out in the San Juan Islands with 3 long time Gal Pals!  Nancy, Becky & Leslie!  We met way back in 2001 (Leslie in 2003).  We all were involved in Haggen & Top Food.  Memories, Wine, Great Food, snacks, Lavender Farm tour, Alpaca Farm, relaxation did I mention food?  We are […]
Community The Market Is The Market With Theresa Ahdieh       Happy Friday!  Summer has arrived! I keep getting asked – How is business? What is going on?  My  point of view is – The Market is the Market, I need to be able to bend & weave on a daily basis (Thank You Coach Nate @ Greenlake Strength & Conditioning).  Seriously;  there […]
Community Free Outdoor Concerts And So Much More With Theresa Ahdieh       Summer is HERE! My favorite time of year! Why you ask?  All of the FREE outdoor community concerts, Farmers Markets, Freemont on Sunday’s, classical music at the Ballard Locks, Woodinville’s Wine Alley, and many others.I know I will be in Woodinville on July 12th for their concert in the park; University Village […]
Community The Pink Cottage Garden With Theresa Ahdieh Happy Friday! Today’s rain feels, sounds, and smells heavenly!  A much needed cleanse – I feel. Tomorrow we will be back to our fabulous Sunshine & warm weather.  Most of you know how much I love living in my rental – I named The Pink Cottage.  Well this is my 2nd summer and my Garden […]
Community Happy Memorial Day With Theresa Ahdieh               IT’S FRIDAY!!! It’s Friday of a 3-day Weekend and the weather is going to stay perfect!It is a big weekend to remember our Fallen Hero’s.  Men and Women who died to let us live our chosen lives in a way we chose to live.  Fly your Flag High […]
Community Happy Mother’s Day With Theresa Ahdieh   Happy Mother’s Day! What a beautiful weekend to celebrate our Mom’s & Family Time! What are your plans?  Gardening?  Picnic? Brunch? Below are some fun “low cost or no cost” activities or places to visit this Mother’s Day Weekend.  Plan on crowds in most places with this wonderful out of the ordinary weather!  Oh […]
Community Why Buying A Home Is A Good Decision With Theresa Ahdieh   It just occurred to me…. 🤔 hmmmm 🤔 that I am in the same boat as many of today’s sellers & buyers. Some of you may not know but my husband and I have been living separately since September 2022.  I have been renting a place in Greenlake that is perfect, but my landlord got an […]
Community What To Expect In The Housing Market This Spring With Theresa Ahdieh Welcome Spring We started this month with March coming in like a Lion and “supposedly” going out like a Lamb? If this is a Lamb …… goodness – its a crazy teenage lamb!  Bahhhhh it is cold as I am writing this, and it was so warm at the beginning of the week (tee shirt & yoga […]